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Terraform recipe – How to create AWS ElasticSearch cluster

This article continues Terraform cloud automation topic. And, from this recipe, you’ll learn how to create hight-available AWS ElasticSearch cluster deployment in VPC across 3 Availability Zones. We’ll be using Terraform to demonstrate

AWS Lambda - How to process DynamoDB streams

AWS Lambda – How to process DynamoDB streams

Imagine, you decided to launch a Serverless project at Amazon Web Services. In most cases, AWS Lambda and DynamoDB would be your technology choice. In this article, we’ll cover one


Security Best Practices For Serverless Applications

Serverless architecture allows applications to be developed and deployed without the provisioning and management of the underlying infrastructure or servers. Applications deployed by serverless architecture do not require any traditional


Cloud CRON – Scheduled Lambda Functions

This article covers how to build a Serverless Cron solution and launch scheduled jobs at AWS cloud using CloudWatch Events and Lambda functions at almost no cost. As usual, we’re

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