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Bash For Loops - The Most Practical Guide
Andrei Maksimov

Bash For Loop – The Most Practical Guide

This article continues the Bash article series and focuses on iterations. Loops in Bash are handy for any system administrator and programmer. Looping constructs in any scripting language allow you

Bash If-Else Statements - All You Need to Know About
Andrei Maksimov

Bash If-Else Statements – All You Need to Know About

This article covers the fundamentals of Bash shell scripting and describes the most widely used logical constructs including single if statement, if-else statement, and elif statement. In addition to this, we’ll cover the correct way of

Improve Your Linux Skills - All You Need To Know About Tmux In 5 Minutes
Andrei Maksimov

How To Start Using Tmux Like A Pro In 5 Minutes

This article will help you learn the most popular and powerful terminal multiplexer – Tmux in just 5 minutes! We covered the installation process, working with Tmux sessions and windows,

Andrei Maksimov

How to Use Linux Shutdown Command

There’re many different ways you can turn off and reboot your local or remote computer. In this article, we’ll show the most useful examples of planned and instantaneous Linux shutdown

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