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Using Terraform to deploy S3-SQS-Lambda integration
Andrei Maksimov

Using Terraform to deploy S3->SQS->Lambda integration

One common integration pattern modern enterprises use is exchanging files using S3 buckets. Humans or automated systems might upload files to the S3 bucket from various sources using HTTPS, SFTP,

AWS Lambda - How to process DynamoDB streams
Andrei Maksimov

AWS Lambda – How to process DynamoDB streams

Imagine you decided to launch a Serverless project at Amazon Web Services. In most cases, AWS Lambda and DynamoDB would be your technology choice. This article will cover one of

Andrei Maksimov

Cloud CRON – Scheduled Lambda Functions

This article covers building a Serverless Cron solution and launching scheduled jobs in the AWS cloud using CloudWatch Events and Lambda functions at almost no cost. As usual, we’re providing