Boto3 installation

Installing Boto3 library in Python virtual environment

Throughout the course we'll be using Python virtual environment to store and manage any required third-party modules, such as Boto3, for example.

This is a best practice to store and manage all required Python project modules separately.

Project source code

The newest version of this lecture source code is located in the boto3-installation folder of the python-boto3-course Git repository.

Python virtual environment

To create Python virtual environment use the following commands in your Cloud9 IDE:

  • mkdir -p python-boto3-course
  • python3 -m venv ./.venv

Let's activate our virtual environment:

  • source ./.venv/bin/activate

After that we need to update Python package manager (PIP) and install Boto3 library:

  • pip install --upgrade pip boto3

Test script

Test script we develop in this lesson is called and it is located in the boto3-installation folder inside our project folder.


AWS Security Token Service (STS) - Quick overview

Boto3 STS service documentation

AWS Security Token Service API Reference

Lesson source code

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