How to achieve all AWS Certifications

AWS certifications are a great way to narrow the gap between team skills and skills needed in achieving organizational objectives. These certifications really set you apart from other candidates in your career. As AWS certification is most difficult certification in IT nowadays, my collegues always asking me the best way to get certified.

In this article we will describe few ways of how to achieve all AWS certifications.

As of now, AWS is offering following certifications:

Oct 11, 2018, AWS removed the pre-requisite of having an Associate certification before taking on Professional certification and Foundational or Associate certification before taking on Specialty certification. So now you can take any exam of your choice at any order.

If you are new to AWS, it is recommended to start from Foundational level with AWS Cloud Practitioner. The Foundational level cover AWS from a conceptual point of view like what is cloud and AWS cloud, what are AWS common services and their usage etc. Once done you can move to Associate and Professional level. Associate and Professional level exams are pretty tough to pass unless you have complete deep knowledge of the AWS platform. The Associate and Professional level exams helps professionals to develop expertise in design, deploy, and operate highly available, cost-effective, and secure applications on AWS.

Let's see some ways on how to get AWS certifications.

Start with AWS Resources

The best way to start your AWS certification journey is by spending time on exploring AWS Learning Portal. You can find things like overview of all AWS certifications, learning paths, exam details and other useful info from AWS certification page. It is also recommended to go through AWS white papers, FAQs and Blogs related to certifications.

AWS has partnered with selected training organization through its APN Training Partners. APN Training Partners help candidates access training courses in their preferred language and location. Through APN Training Partner you can get classroom-based trainings that are delivered by instructors who are members of the AWS Authorized Instructor Program. You can find AWS Training partner in your location here.

Online Education

Online trainings for AWS certifications are also provided by A Cloud Guru, Linux Academy, CloudAcademy and of cause Udemy.

  • Udemy is the cheapest and most popular platform for any professional, who want to get any knowledge (including hands-on experience) very fast and I definitely recommend to start from here. AWS Associate level certification cources from A Cloud Guru available here only for $12\course as a platform promo!

Advanced AWS cloud training courses available at A Cloud Guru and they will help you you to build skills in achieving professional certification level. A Cloud Guru has not only great content, but also exam simulator that lets you practice like in AWS certifications exam. Platform subscription cost you $30\month.

  • Linux Academy provides courses and hands-on labs facility for AWS certifications. Scenarios based labs are deployed in a real environment and you can get hands-on experience from the comfort of your home to anywhere you want. Platform subscription cost you $50\month.

  • CloudAcademy is the most expensive cloud educational platform, which will cost you $80\month. It allows you to get constantly updated materials and hands-on practice within free labs at real AWS infrastructure (you're using temporary AWS account).

Success Stories

There are many professionals who have the honor to have all AWS certifications.

Carlos Martell started his AWS certification journey in Feb 2017 with AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate level. Almost in a year he obtained all AWS certifications (with the exception of the Cloud Practitioner certification).

His company working environment and motivation from his colleagues helped him in getting all AWS certifications. The learning platform he utilized are A cloud Guru and Linux Academy.

Utkarsh Sharma is another name in the list who obtained all 5 certifications in 2018. According to Sharma, Professional exams are test of your knowledge not of your memorizing skills. These exams are more focused towards practical implementation of different AWS services and how they fit together to solve a given business problem.

Sharma recommends Linux Academy and A Cloud Guru courses for obtaining all AWS certifications.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Achieving all AWS certifications is challenging yet possible, we saw few cases in this article. The next big question is when you are starting your AWS certifications journey?