Convert PowerPoint to video using Synthesia and Google Cloud
36 views · Nov 21, 2022
This video reviews the Synthesia AI video-generating platform and describes how to automate the process of converting PowerPoint slides to a professional video tutorial using Python, Synthesia, and Google Cloud Platform (Google Drive and Google Slides) APIs.

Synthesia AI (affiliate link):

Google Cloud Platform (affiliate link), sign up today to receive $350 in free credits and free usage of 20+ products on Google Cloud:

The complete automation script source code (Python) is available at:

00:00 - Into
01:26 - Synthesia automation demo
04:30 - Problems of professional educational video production
07:13 - From hiring people to using technology
09:20 - Synthesia overview
10:00 - Synthesia pricing
10:34 - Synthesia Studio overview
11:02 - Personal plan limitations
12:19 - How to convert PowerPoint to AI video (a manual process)
20:11 - Video generation process
20:37 - Video generation results
21:50 - Manual workflow pain
23:27 - Synthesia API overview
29:08 - Using Synthesia Templates for automation
30:33 - Synthesia Templates API limitations
34:28 - Existing Python libraries to work with PowerPoint
35:54 - Google Cloud Platform for working with PowerPoint
38:37 - Python script for automation (overview)
47:18 - Automation results
48:44 - Summary
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