Python 3

Quick Intro To Python 3 for AWS Automation Engineers

Course Description

This course is the most complete guide on the Boto3 library with lots of hands-on real-world examples of working with AWS EC2, EBS, AMIs, Snapshots, S3, Secrets Manager, Parameter Store, DynamoDB, IAM, SQS, SNS, CloudWatch, KMS, SES, and many others.

This course will help you to solve almost any automation problem you might face by providing lots of reusable code examples for your Python Lambda functions or AWS automation code.

Python basics

How to set up Cloud9 IDE for Python for cloud automation
Python program structure
Basic data types in Python
Python syntax
Operators in Python
Conditionals in Python
Loops in Python
Working with strings in Python
Functions in Python
Working with Tuples in Python
Classes in Python
Working with Sets in Python
Using modules in Python
Scope in Python
Working with Dictionaries in Python
Working with files in Python
This article covers Python lists, list items manipulation, lists iterating, comparing, sorting, and various transformation operations
Processing JSON in Python

Using Boto3 for AWS automation

Introduction to boto3 library
Working with S3 in Python using Boto3
Working with EBS volumes
Working with Snapshots and AMIs in Python
Working with EC2 instances
Working with Secrets Manager in Python
Working with Parameter Store in Python
Working with CloudWatch in Python
Working with IAM in Python
Working with SNS in Python
Working with DynamoDB in Python using Boto3
Working with SQS in Python
How to test your AWS Lambda functions
Working with AWS Lambda in Python using Boto3
Working with SES in Python
Working with EMR in Python using Boto3
Working with Step Functions in Python using Boto3
Working with RDS in Python using Boto3
Working with Glue in Python using Boto3
Working with VPC in Python using Boto3
Working with AWS Batch in Python using Boto3
Working with Route53 in Python using Boto3
Working with KMS in Python using Boto3
Working with ECS in Python using Boto3
Working with Athena in Python using Boto3


Is this a right course for me if I'm new to AWS?

If you’re new to the AWS cloud platform, we strongly recommend you get the basic knowledge about the AWS cloud platform by following the “Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2021” course. As soon as you have a basic understanding of the AWS services, you can start automating them using Python. And that’s where our content will bring you lots of value!

Is Cloud9 a mandatory requirement or is it possible to cover all the course topics using on-premises IDE?

You can follow the course from on-premises IDE. We recommend using the Cloud9 IDE for the course as it simplifies environment configuration.

What is the expected cost of the AWS resources throughout the course? Is the course content eligible for AWS Free Tier or some extra bucks are required?

All currently provided course examples including Cloud9 IDE are eligible for the AWS Free Tier and you can follow them at no additional cost.

“New AWS customers who are eligible for the AWS Free Tier can use AWS Cloud9 for free. If your AWS Cloud9 environment makes use of resources beyond the free tier, you are charged the normal AWS rates for those resources.” (

Do not forget to cleanup created resources by following provided examples to avoid unexpected charges.