What is AWS re-Invent

What is AWS reInvent?

AWS re:Invent is an annual event hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to showcase the latest AWS innovations and services. A global learning conference that gathers cloud computing professionals worldwide. The event typically spans several days and features keynotes, workshops, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities.

Key Highlights of AWS re:Invent

  1. Educational Opportunities: Attendees can participate in hands-on workshops, training sessions, and breakout sessions covering a wide range of topics from new AWS features to best practices in cloud computing.
  2. Keynote Speeches: Top AWS executives, including the CEO Adam Selipsky, VP & CTO Werner Vogels, SVP Peter Desantis, etc.
  3. , give keynote speeches discussing new services, trends in cloud computing, and the future direction of AWS.
  4. Networking: It’s an excellent platform for networking with peers, AWS experts, and industry leaders, offering a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experiences.
  5. Product Announcements: AWS re:Invent is known for unveiling new products and services, making it a must-attend event for staying updated with the latest in AWS and cloud technology.

Major announcements of re:Invent 2023

AWS re:Invent 2023 took place from November 27 to December 1, 2023, in Las Vegas. The conference featured several key announcements on generative artificial intelligence (AI). Here are the main highlights:

  1. Amazon Q: This is a new generative AI assistant designed for work that can be adjusted to your business. Currently, Amazon Q is integrated with AWS Web Console and AWS Toolkit for Jet Brains and Visual Studio Code. This assistant is built with security and privacy in mind.
  2. Next-generation AWS-designed chips: AWS announced the Graviton4 and Trainium2 chips, designed to make running generative AI and other workloads faster, less expensive, and more energy efficient.
  3. New capabilities for Amazon Bedrock: Amazon Bedrock received powerful new capabilities and an expanded choice of models, enabling customers to drive rapid innovation with the latest versions of foundation models.
  4. Five new Amazon SageMaker capabilities: While the specific capabilities were not detailed in the search results, this announcement indicates a significant expansion of AWS’s machine learning service.
  5. Amazon Q in Connect: This seems to integrate the new Amazon Q AI assistant into Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact center service.
  6. AWS serverless innovations: The search results did not provide specific details about these innovations.
  7. Model Evaluation on Bedrock: This new feature allows users to evaluate AI models better, encouraging more human involvement.
  8. Nvidia’s AI “factory” DGX Cloud coming to AWS: This announcement was made by a special guest during AWS CEO Adam Selipsky’s keynote.
  9. New AI chip for training foundation models faster: The second generation of the company’s Trainium chip, Trainium 2, has three times the memory as the first chip.
  10. AWS experimenting with a chip for quantum computing: This new chip is designed to solve key quantum computing problems, potentially paving the way for more usable quantum computing.
  11. Deployment of NVIDIA’s GH200 chips: AWS will be the first cloud provider to deploy NVIDIA’s GH200 chips, which have three times the memory of the popular H100.

Who Should Attend?

  • IT professionals
  • Developers and engineers
  • System architects
  • Business leaders and decision-makers

Why Attend AWS re:Invent?

  • Stay Updated: Learn about the latest AWS services and features.
  • Skill Enhancement: Attend workshops and training sessions to improve cloud skills.
  • Networking: Connect with industry experts and peers.
  • Strategic Insights: Gain insights into cloud strategies and trends.

Previous Highlights

In past events, AWS re:Invent has been pivotal in launching significant services like AWS Lambda and Amazon Aurora. The event often sets the tone for cloud computing trends for the upcoming year.

How to Get the Most Out of AWS re:Invent

  1. Plan Ahead: With numerous sessions and activities, planning your schedule in advance is crucial.
  2. Participate Actively: Engage in workshops and Q&A sessions.
  3. Network: Utilize the opportunity to meet professionals and AWS experts.
  4. Follow Up: Review session recordings and materials after the event to reinforce learning.


AWS re:Invent is a prominent global conference that brings together cloud computing professionals worldwide. With its diverse range of keynotes, workshops, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities, the event offers a comprehensive platform for knowledge sharing and industry connections. AWS re:Invent has historically played a significant role in introducing groundbreaking services like AWS Lambda and Amazon Aurora, setting the stage for upcoming cloud computing trends. Attendees can maximize their experience at the event by exploring the various sessions and engaging with fellow professionals.

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